Orient Courier Tracking


Orient Courier Tracking

Its very Easy for you to Know Your orient courier Tracking Status Instantly through Our Orient courier Tracking form.

Just Enter your orient courier tracking number in the above orient courier tracking form and click on Track it button to get your courier status.You can track multiple shipments by separating the consignment numbers by a comma (Up to 25 shipments).

You can Also check the current status and location of the Parcel in the official orient courier Tracking page

Follow below steps for another orient courier Tracking Method.

1. Go to official orient courier website orientexpindia.com/

2. After landing in the homepage, you can see the orient courier tracking box on the top of the page.

3. Enter your orient courier Tracking number or Awb number in the tracking form and hit track button.

4. You will be redirected to your orient courier tracking status page.

5. You will be shown with status information like location of the parcel, is it delivered or when it is going to be delivered.

6. You can also use the orient courier tracking website for Price calculation, Delivery time calculation, Contact details and also for finding service locations near to your Area.

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